Lighting is one of the key aspects of interior design. It is a versatile and functional design tool whose importance is often overlooked yet it can be used to enhance interiors in so many different ways, through creating illusions of space and volume, defining zones in open plan areas, highlighting architectural features and providing intriguing decorative effects. A careful balance of different sources of light output is required to give the right effect and this can be achieved through direction and control. As we all strive to reduce energy consumption and lower our bills the use of light as a key energy source for the home has become paramount in most renovation or new build projects.

Our lighting design service includes consultancy and is broken down into areas as follows:

  • Analyzing clients specific needs when it comes to lighting the home
  • Recommending lighting control systems/solutions
  • Devising plans which provide positioning and cirdcuit details – done in association with floor and furniture layout plans
  • Co-ordinating with specified contractors or being able to recommend companies that we have worked with in the past for both electrical and audio visual.
  • Sourcing bespoke suitable light fittings specific to each project