We engaged the professional services of Phillippa Buckley, Studio 44, on October 2014. Philippa helped us with every aspect of our refurbishment/extension. We had a few meetings at the start as she needed to get to know us and see how our family life worked.

Studio 44 re – designed the house with a new extension to the rear of the property , providing both the architectural and interior design aspects  of the refurbishment.  Philippa oversaw the project from concept through to completion and helped us make the correct choice with our appointed builder. When  all the builder/deign decisions were made she was the person who oversaw the different design stages.

The first stage encompassed the detailed floor/furniture layout and lighting plans.  When these were signed off by us we began sourcing for the key design elements of the refurbishment – kitchen,  bathrooms, flooring and light fittings.  As  these are all so important to get right from the beginning Philippa ensured that we had made informed choices and purchased within our budget .  She had a great expertise and contacts which in turn helped make the right decisions.

The second stage was that Philippa was frequently on site which was a fantastic help and made everything run so more efficiently.  She  and the builder meet up regularly for site meetings and when it was time for the the various specialist tradespersons were  on site she was also on hand, making sure they knew what was needed and that her designs were executed to a high standard.

It was so reassuring to know that we had her there on our behalf. If a problem arrived she always found an agreeable solution without any major hassle for us.   When we were at the third stage which was the  decorating,  t was so important to us to have her expertie when choosing the different paint/ fabric colours that would suit each of the rooms.

I know myself and my husband would not have got the well considered – design of the additional space that the new architecture/reconfiguration of the interior  that this project has provided us with, had we not engaged Philippa and her team at Studio 44.

In summary, I can highly recommend Phillipa Buckley’s services she is very professional from all aspects of the brief. You can also see from her work that she enjoys taking the stresses and second guessing out of the project. She has a very pleasant manner and we found her very easy to get along with.


Ailish & Mick

Dublin, Feb 2016

We presented Philippa with a very challenging design brief. We wanted to create a doctors’ surgery that was both welcoming and relaxing. At the same time, we needed our consulting rooms to reflect a clean, professional approach. Philippa managed to harmonise both aspects seamlessly. In addition, she expertly ensured that the surgery was as accessible as possible for all our patients. She also provided us with a layout that had a service based design approach in mind allowing us to keep patients at the heart of everything we do. Philippa also ensured that our consulting rooms were designed to facilitate communication with our patients whilst also allowing for examinations and tests to be carried out with both privacy and efficiency.

Carefully selected tpaint colours provided us with a clinical environment that is warm and welcoming. In her choices of contemporary furniture, she reflected our wish for a stylish, modern surgery and the colours give a really captivating feel. While the surgery design as a whole is fantastic it is the attention to small details that Philippa gives that really elevates design and makes it so thrilling.

We are absolutely delighted with the how the surgery has turned out and that would not have been the case were it not for Philippa’s professionalism, efficiency, exquisite taste and eye for detail. We could not recommend her highly enough!

Dr. J Hugh Coyne – January 2016

I’ve had the joy of working with Philippa and Studio 44 Design on my new home in London. It was a challenging project as Philippa needed to make design decisions in absence of a physical structure, make the most of the small space available, and needed to take my family’s diverse desires and requirements into consideration (including those of my 4 year old son).
As a first time buyer of a new build, it was very important for me to work with an experienced firm that could help me make informed decisions and help create a look that was welcoming to me and my family.

From the moment I met Philippa I was impressed with her professionalism and client approach. She listened to my requirements (many of which were ambiguous), constructively challenged a few of my thoughts and offered solutions to specifically meet my needs. Throughout the design process, Philippa kept me informed and sought my feedback to ensure we were completely aligned as the design evolved. Her candid approach, style, responsiveness, creativity, sense of humour and excellent network of contacts made her and her firm a pleasure to work with.

My family and I are extremely pleased with our new home. It is an incredible feeling to walk in to each room and be delighted by the result. I can honestly say that our home is better as a result of Studio 44’s involvement.
Philippa and her team created my dream home which is both functional and beautiful. I would recommend them in a heartbeat and look forward to working with Studio 44 again on future projects.

R. Panday, London – November 2015

​Hi Philippa,
I really want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to our little project. You managed to transform the room while at all times making me feel that I was part of the process and had some input. Your impeccable taste in selecting fabrics and colours is commented on by everyone who comes in (and I really try not to take any credit!). Sometimes it’s such small details that make a difference but your reconfiguration of the room has completely changed the way we use the space. It has now become a warm and comfortable family room which everyone wants to spend time in. My teenage children have emerged from their bedrooms to spend time with the family again as a result. Anyway well done on everything. I’m still on the hunt for chairs so no doubt you will get a photo from me at some stage looking for your approval! Good luck with everything and I hope we bump into each other again at some stage.
All the best

Dublin 4, June 2015
I engaged the services of Philippa Buckley for a refurbishment of my home in South County Dublin. Philippa did a consultation in my home and her ideas were an indispensable source of inspiration and insightful advice. Philippa selected all our paint colours that created a balanced colour scheme that seamlessly connects one room to the next. In addition ,Philippa also enhanced the ambience of our home through a lighting scheme by way of dimmers, LED lighting and beautiful table lamps. Our new contemporary styled furniture has the “wow factor” where Philippa has combined velvets with woven textures. The results are absolutely amazing and I could not have done it without her.
Deirdre Barry
Co. Dublin
April 2015
April 2015

Do not underestimate the value of having an interior designer help during any renovation/ building work… From the moment we met Philippa we just knew that she understood what we were trying to achieve. Her utter professionalism and design vision made our dreams reality. From lighting plans to furniture lay-outs we could make informed design decisions knowing that any furniture and fittings sat well in their designated space. Every room functions as it should, there isn\’t one thing I wish we had done differently, I always say she was the best thing that happened during a very difficult house build. Both myself and my family would like to say a Big Thanks for your detailed designs, overseeing the project form a design point of view, introducing us to to various tradespersons necessary to complete the project and finally and more importantly translating our vision into a reality and making our house into a really super contemporary family home.

M.O’B Dublin 6, Oct 2014

Phillipa Buckley has the combination of personalism and professionalism. Phillipa is a mixture of Creativity and Artistry in her work as an Interior Designer. This Bungalow has been converted into a dormer bungalow I adore my bedroom done in a mixture of black and silver with white walls a wooden floor i got an Art Deco feeling when I walked into this room I couldnt ask for more,  I loved the dressing table and while the decor was fabulous there was a practical element too…Storeage.  I love the wetroom done in coffee and ivory with a Jaquzzi bath. The kitchen is also ivory and open plan with the livingroom. There is a Sunroom with a t. v and a lovely floral element very fitting to a Sunroom.  The playroom is so sunny and colourful very fiting to a child Phillipa really understands a childs mind. The upstairs area is also wonderfully decorated and there is a fabulous curved staircase.  I love the whole house.

E. Lennon Dublin 5 – August 2014

Philippa Buckley redesigned the layout of my new extension in Sandymount ,she created a much more useable space while making the most of the new layout ,she worked very closely with the builder and every one else involved in the construction her attention to detail was faultless, her ideas and creative design gave me a lovely living space. Thanks Philippa

Ann C Dublin 4 – July 2014
A house brought from Drab to Fab.

Philippa started with a visit to our bungalow to meet with our architect and builder.

Philippa wasted no time in receiving the architects drawings and setting of to work with a montage of story boards to how colors and textures of how they would work within the house.

Philippa came back with her own drawings with the layout of lighting and furniture layouts measured to a tee and came to all site meetings 20 no.

Philippa knows the right people in different trades and shopping retail outlets in Ireland an the UK to pick up those special pieces of decor for your home. Which will make your home stand out more than others.

Philippa is hard driven person that keeps the building project running on time, well able to deal with the tradesmen queries and questions.

Well organized with the retailers when to have items of fittings and fixtures to be delivered to your project on time so there are no delays.
You can relax in you day to day living and leave the rest to Philippa.
Not unless you would like to be more involved and that’s no problem as Phillipa will whisk you around to interior shops all day.
Philippa might even buy you lunch.
When the project was completed Philippa was straight on to the builder with a snag list to make sure the was no imperfections.
And when you receive the keys to your home, you will turn the key push the door open to be meet with a Wow!
Many thanks Philippa.
Dublin 5 – June 2014

We hired Philippa to re-design our living room and hallway space, but as the ideas flowed it developed into a whole house project.

After six months actual site work and quite a few months planning before hand we have transformed the house into a clean bright and functional space, incorporating all the design, lighting and concepts that Philippa introduced us to.

We are extremely pleased with the end result, from the translation of the ideas through to the finished product. Philippa was in constant contact with our builder / project manager and other contractors to ensure consistency of finish, and she was instrumental in the sourcing of finishes and furnishings, which was all part of the service we wanted.

We would recommend Philippa for the services offered and hope you will be as pleased with the end result as we are.

Private client – London SW4 – May 2014